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1 June 2020,     TORONTO

NEW COVID-19 News coverage category for the 2020 COPAs

The 2020 COPA Entry Rules have been posted and it will include this year a special COVID-19 news coverage category that will be free to enter by any any online publisher. The COPAs have adapted this year’s awards to reflect the current times as many publishers are seeing a soft advertising market. 


There is hope for a sharp rebound in advertising for all the publishers, but we are experiencing the sharpest economic contraction of our generation that will be followed by an uneven recovery according to the BDC. It may take in the form of a “V”, “U” or “L” shape highlighting best and worst case scenarios. We are hopeful for a “U” shape recovery in the advertising market by the fall, but some may experience a “L” shape depending on the industry sector. The COPAs will become a valuable instrument to help promote the industry as the ecomony rebounds..


Harrowsmith Launches Harrowsmith Radio

Harrowsmith moves into radio
Harrowsmith moves into radio
Harrowsmith magazine has announce the launch of Harrowsmith Radio, arriving at community and campus radio stations across three provinces (British Columbia, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador) as of May 20, 2020 — with more stations coming on board over the next several months. Harrowsmith is all about “Make. Grow. Sustain. Share.” And that’s exactly what community radio is about too, making this a perfect fit. Community media is growing. According to the National Campus and Community Radio Association, an average of 3 to 5 new stations launch each year.

29 May 2020,     SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

News Corp Kills Over 100 Publications

Australia's largest media company by far
Australia's largest media company by far
News Corp said it would stop printing more than 100 Australian newspapers by the end of June, closing 36 outright and moving the rest solely to the Internet, in its latest response to media shifts accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. News Corp which dominates Australia's media and political landscape said it would take 76 regional publications online only and shut another 36 altogether. It said the closures would lead to job cuts.

23 May 2020,     NEW YORK

ENroute Takes to Social Media to Reconnect with Travel Media

With travel and tourism public relations on pause — as most travel is on hold for the time being — ENroute  has started a social media campaign under the hashtag #TravelwENroute inviting journalists to remember the good times they have had while traveling on a press trip by posting a picture of the experience.The campaign revels in nostalgia, with writers going back through almost 15 years —

23 May 2020,     TORONTO

Copyright Framework is Broken

National voice of English language Canadian owned book publisher
National voice of English language Canadian owned book publisher
 The Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP)  said that Canada’s “copyright framework is broken” after an appeals court dealt Canadian publishers and authors a major setback in a closely watched copyright case. the  Federal Court of Appeal upheld a lower court decision in Access Copyright v. York University, which held that copying guidelines used by York University in Toronto did not comply with the Canadian Supreme Court’s test for fair dealing. but,

21 May 2020,     TORONTO

NOW Magazine Reports 9% Growth Print Readership

Print readership increases
Print readership increases
NOW Magazine  growth in print readership  as reported in the Spring 2020 Vividata Study. Released on May 5th, Vividata's Spring 2020 Study showcases NOW's print readership at 1,776,000 monthly readers compared to 1,636,000 monthly readers reported in February 5th in Vividata's Winter 2020 Study1. This represents  9.3 per cent audience growth within a three-month period.

20 May 2020,     TORONTO

B2B Award Winners Announced

The National Media Awards Foundation (NMAF) has  announced the winners of the 2nd Annual National Magazine Awards: B2B. Karen Lorimer, winner of the 2020 B2B Leadership Award. The Gold and Silver awards for the 19 NMA: B2B categories: Esquisses won the prestigious Best Magazine award, Canadian Architect (IQ Business Media) was the recipient of the 2020 Best Publisher award, took home the Gold medal for Best Editorial (for “Villes denses, lieux d’échanges”,

4 May 2020,     TORONTO

Canadian Online Publishing Awards 2020 Dates Announced

The COPAs has made some changes to the 2020 Awards program due the the COVID-19 market disruption and they have just released their 2020 schedule that begins with the public call for Judges in May.



The 2020 COPAs schedule has been changed this year and the following is the process for this year. The Call for Judges will begin in May and the entry categories will be released on

23 April 2020,     TORONTO

National Magazine Awards Finalists 2020

The National Media Awards Foundation (NMAF) has unveil the finalists for the 43rd National Magazine Awards, including the publications short listed for the Best Magazine awards. For this year’s competition, 174 Canadian magazines from coast to coast to coast—English and French, print and digital—submitted the work of more than 2,000 writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, art directors, and other creators. The NMAF’s 124 volunteer judges have selected a total of 179 submissions from 64 different Canadian publications for awards in 28 written, visual, editorial, and best magazine categories. NOMINATION HIGHLIGHTS

22 April 2020,    

Earth Day 50th Anniversary


The printed word part of the solution
The printed word part of the solution
Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – the world’s largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and planet. This year Earth Day will be observed in around 190 countries by close to 100,000 organizations, including FSC. More than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

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