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31 July 2017,    
Facebook to Launch a Metered Paywall for Content

The latest chatter is that Facebook will be testing a paywall for content from select publishers this fall in the USA. Readers will get access to 10 free articles and then will be diverted to a subscription page on the publisher's website. This is good news for publishers as Facebook and Google are facing pressure from the publishing industry to share revenue as digital content distributors, not content creators are getting all the revenue pie now. The gravy train of free content is coming to an end.

What is not confirmed is what just what cut of the action is Facebook getting as they are now in the subscription business with this model, but reports say the Facebook is allowing publishers 100% of the revenue in the test. This metered paywall is easily bypassed now, just by deleting all the cookies on your smartphone or computer to get access to articles once you reach the 10 article limit. Stay tune for more developments.

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