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7 November 2017,     TORONTO
State of Digital Seminar

How to compete in the digital world for publidhers. What digital wagon do they hitch a ride on? The digital landscape includes programmatic, search, social, content marketing, web display and email.  What are the needs of the reader and advertiser in this new environment? There are signs that readers are suffering from digital ad overload? What is the ad effectiveness of tv, radio, outdoor, newspaper and magazines versus digital which is better. What works and doesn’t work will be explored in this panel discussion with 3 marketers.


Some of the issues to be explored include metrics, ad fraud, spyware, social and artificial intelligence for B2C and B2B markets



Panelists (Left to Right)

1. Gah-Yee Won, Scotiabank Director, Global Digital Brand Strategy 

2. Taina Suomela, InBox Marketer, General Manager

3. Fawn Annan, President & CMO IT World Canada (ITWC)

Moderator: Martin Seto, COPA Producer, blogger



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